Drill My Hole with Gay Pornstar Zeb Atlas

You might remember that I was getting a bit over-thrilled the other day at the start of a new on-going story from Drill My Hole, the new series being ‘Captive.’ Well, the over-thrilling news of today is that they have just released part two. I won’t recap on all of the story but there is a kind of ‘Previously on…’ needed here, so imagine a deep voice narrating: ‘Previously on Captive: Dale Cooper’s BF is being held captive, he was taken while Dale was literally screwing around with Joey Carter, and there was someone hard at work at a desk, late at night, and we finished with Dale walking in to a room to see…’

Well, we still don’t know, as in part two we cut straight from him saying ‘fuck’ to DMH newcomer Jake Henrikson (the guy at work) looking at some porn photos and a card and then being blackmailed by a mystery caller. Money or everyone in the office sees your fuck photos. What’s poor young Jake to do? Well, before he can get help he has an interview with his boss. Does the boss know? Will he be fired?

Far from it, it seems his boss, chunky, hunky, Aaron Bruiser has other things on his mind. Especially when Jake starts flirting and things turn sexual. We step aside from the main story now to check in on the boss screwing the new boy who wants promotion. They kiss, they move into the boss’ inner office, his home by the looks of it, and Jake’s down on his boss’ cut cock in seconds. The guys strip down, talking all the time, and Aaron checks out his boy’s cute ass, licking it and lubing it up ready for a pounding. But he’s a fair boss, he also sucks and teases young Jake’s hard cock, and it’s a big one.

Jake is usually a top but for this, his first scene for Men.com, he’s flipped over and his ass is invaded by his muscled, tattooed boss. Aaron really enjoys the younger guy’s tight hole and Jake squats over it while he jerks himself off, his face growing red with the heat and sex until he cums. Aaron cums on the junior’s chest and lo and behold, Jake gets his promotion.

And then it’s back to the story, which is equally as compelling as the hardcore scene in the middle of it. There is blood on the stairs as Jake heads into an apartment to find a guy blindfolded. But who is he? And who has just arrived at the door with a loaded gun pointing at the newly promoted office boy? wanna learn more about Drill My Hole – click here to preview more gay videos

To be continued…

Zeb Atlas fucking Johnny Rapid

It’s all a bit strange, like a strange dream come true but Zeb Atlas and Johnny Rapid have been left an entire house by a friend of Zeb’s. The only instruction is to enjoy it ‘and each other.’ The other strange thing is that they haven’t met before, so it is a real mystery. They explore the house, not quite believing what they have been given. After a good look around it transpires that Zeb has been fucking the mystery benefactor for years, and Johnny hints at what the note said, ‘enjoy each other.’

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Within a few minutes Johnny is checking out the huge cock on the huge Zeb Atlas. The bodybuilder towers over twink Johnny, on his knees and worshiping his cock, giving his swollen head a great work-over with his sweet lips, and deep throating that monster. Zeb strips down, his huge chest and arms bulging out in all the right places, driving Johnny wilder and wilder. Johnny strips down and Zeb starts to get interested in his tight butt. And if there’s one thing this star twink likes it’s a real man’s cock deep in his ass.

Soon Johnny’s on that bodybuilder dick, riding it like a pro, up and down on the basement couch, flesh slapping flesh. His own cock is hard just at the sensation and then gets harder as Zeb takes him from behind, mercilessly across the leather settee. He stands him up, throws him onto his back, plunges in again harder and deeper, faster and faster as little Johnny strokes his own cut cock, his nuts all ready to burst. He can’t hold back and shoots across his smooth stomach before Zeb lets rip and covers him in his own manly jizz. Whoever gave them this house sure knew they were going to enjoy it.

Zeb Atlas fucking Logan Vaughn at the gym

High Performance Men is truly happy to show Logan Vaughn and Zeb Atlas in WORSHIPING ZEB. Logan happens to be doing some work on his figure, however he really wants to increase so he chooses to stop by Zeb Atlas’s fitness center to work his muscles with the greatest. As he comes into the locker room, he discovers Zeb already ready and waiting. Zeb then sits upon the workbench and then Logan hop on top and drive his dick for quite a while. After that Atlas bends him back over, holds each of Logan’s biceps and takes him just like a pin cushion as he hammer Logan’s delicious bottom until eventually he are not able to restrain anymore and releases cum all over Logan’s butt and back.

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Zeb Atlas fucking Andrew Stark at the gym

Andrew Stark is talking into finding out if Zeb Atlas is working out or taking a shower at the local gym. Together with a physique and penis that you have to see to understand, Andrew gets busted taking a photo and has now to pay the cost by helping Zeb getting his tigh ass fucked hard.

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Zeb Atlas gets to fuck Johnny Rapid hard

Johnny Rapid and Zeb Atlas are finally fucking together a scenario labeled as “The House”. A dude that both Zeb and Johnny both know as a hot lover are willing to lead them his house. And so the fucking begins. Watch Mr. Atlas fuck Mr. Rapid tight twink ass hard and good!!

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Jock Tyler Sweet gets banged hard by Zeb Atlas

Beginner jock Tyler Sweet pretends to have injured his ankle joint to ensure that his sweetheart, the college team mentor Zeb Atlas are going to pay a little bit more awareness of him. The coach tends to Tyler and suggestively demands him if there is anything else he needs … maybe his muscle cock ……

Gay muscle stud Zeb Atlas

Body builder Zeb Atlas is a bit confused. The last time he was set up on a blind date it was with a sexy, blue-eyed chick and he fucked the hell out of her. But here he is, set up by a friend, on a blind date with a sexy blue-eyed… guy? WTF? Duncan’ Back i honest though: he’s had a crush on Mr-Muscle-Man for a long time. But Zeb’s not like that, he’s totally in to girls via gay webcams on the computer. But he’s a nice guy, so he doesn’t take it badly. And, actually, he’s also a pretty horny guy, he was expecting to get laid after all, and Duncan’s got a sweet looking mouth on him.

Before long Duncan is down on his knees worshiping the God of a hunk whose cock is rigid and hard like his pecs, tough and strong like his abs, and whose eight inch cut cock is everything Duncan ever dreamed about. Zeb holds his head down hard over that shaft, gets to feel it at the back of his bottom-boy’s throat. He face fucks him like he was a pussy.

Stripped down now, Zeb has other ideas what he’s going to get from his number one fan. He wants a tighter hole and sub-guy Duncan has just what he wants. In fact, he gets more inches than he bargained for as Zeb fucks him hard up against the wall before taking him over to the bed for another suck-fest. He’s got the taste for man sex now and screws Duncan’s willing ass on his back, from underneath, on top. He pounds that pink ring until Duncan can’t hold back and shoots his wad over his smooth tummy. Zeb soon follows suit, milking his cock until Duncan is awash with cum and totally satisfied.

Gay Video With Zeb Atlas

Zeb Atlas grabs employee Jessie Colter going to abandon his responsibilities with a gay hook up while in the woodlands. As soon as Jessie finds Zeb’s boner, he has to change his old plans so he rather hooks up together with his extremely muscled chief

Zeb Atlas fucking Charlie Roberts

Zeb Atlas hammering Charlie Roberts within a brand new episode labeled as “No Smoking In The Men’s Room” by MEN.com‘s sub-site Big Dicks At School! With this fresh online video Charlie is actually puffing within the restroom when handsome professor Zeb comes into the area. He attempts to conceal the smoking, however he doesn’t triumph. He’s ready to do just about anything in order to make Zeb overlook this particular minimal accident, and so he gets down on all four, giving his teacher a deep blowjob while offering his butt for some hardcore bottom fucking.

Zeb Atlas with pornstar Mike De Marko

Today Zeb Atlas is gonna be at the school with his buddies and with a hot professor like Zeb , Mike De Marko is very happy to remain after class to obtain several clarification regarding the subject of unfaithfulness. Initial Zeb explains Mike’s mouth, he then clarifies his tight little ass. I dont think De Marko have ever been fucked by a body builder like this before.